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6 Things That May Prevent Your Home From Selling

  • Poor Curb Appeal---If your home doesn't appeal to a buyer when they drive up, many won't go in..so spruce up your yard, power wash the outside of your home, trim your bushes, place some potted plants for color...and make sure it has a well cared for look!

  • Noxious Odors--The smell of smoke, animal odors, cooking smells or smelly garbage cans can make a buyer turn around and leave, so make sure to remove these. Take garbage out before a showing, remove animals and bedding, use mild air fresheners and if you or your company has to smoke, make sure it's outside. You only have one chance for your home to make a great impression...

  • Pets- Even pets that are caged during a home being shown, can bark or growl loudly and act unruly, scaring young children of buyers as well as being distracting as to why the buyer is actually in your home..they can ruin a buyers impression of the home, so take your dog..

  • Clutter- No one likes to walk into a yard sale, so remove everything that does not need to be there. Minimize the amount of personal items, photos of family, too many rugs, straighten out closets, clean off countertops and remove extra furniture to maximize space

  • Dirt and Dampness- You may not even notice or smell the odor of dampness or a dirty environment but buyers will notice...make sure to keep your home clean, floors mopped, countertops clean, carpets vacuumed, dishes done, and garbage taken out...check the crawlspace for standing water or dampness, as it may be giving off a musty odor that buyers can smell upon walking into your home

  • Over Pricing-Make sure your home is not priced too high for the comparable property in the area by having a market analysis done by a licensed Realtor.  Follow their recommendation and professional opinion for proper pricing.

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Jul 31 2018 53251 1

6 Things That May Prevent Your Home From SellingPoor Curb Appeal---If your home doesn't appeal to a buyer when they drive up, many won't go in..so spruce up your yard, power wash the outside of your

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