Spring Planting

Dated: 02/26/2018

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Spring is Finally Here

Spring is finally here and hopefully you prepared your yard with putting out crab grass preventer and weed and feed.It is now time to get started in thinking about your spring planting. The first thing I like to do is look at the weather patterns along with temperatures. A Meteorology degree helps me with that, but nevertheless a regular person can do the same. March is the month of changing seasons with up and down temps ranging from 20s to the 80s with snow and thunderstorms, so it is very important to pick out a weekend for seeding the yard and bringing out the lush green grass for the spring and most of summer.One thing to note is the last cold snap is ALWAYS the last week/weekend in May.

Determine What Type of Seed

Here in the south, Summers can be HOT and DRY but occasionally will have anunusually cool and wetsummer relative to normal temperatures and rainfall amounts. With HOT and DRY the norm,I personally choose a Tall Fescuewhich is a very green and lush grass during the Spring and Fall months, durable and drought resistant during the Summer months. A lot of people ask aboutBermudawhichis type of grass that will turn brown in the winter months and green in the summer months but not as durable for walking or driving on and does not have that lush look. A big factor to growth is putting the seed out at the right time. I like to time it with a good soaking rain with putting it out 1-2 days before the rain arrives and this in the month of March or Even the first week of Apriland this will cut down on the water bill.If no rain on the horizon and needing to put it out, make sure to water for 15 min morning and night and even do this after the soaking rain for 2 weeks.

Additional to Seeding

Additional steps to seeding is aerating the yard. Thisis crucialas the seed falls into holes the plugs create. Getting coverage of this aerationis also vital to having good cover of grass and this means going over the area multiple times to get the results you need. So, after these steps its time put out fertilizer, and Lyme (Can never have enough Lyme). To determine what fertilizer to put it depends on what you are needing your grass to do. Things to look for is if there are lot of weeds, plain dirt, or more grass than weeds. For a yard with nothing but dirt a high nitrogen fertilizer is important as that will stimulate growth. A yard with weeds need a high phosphorus fertilizer as this will halt the spreading of the weeds and triple 17 as we call it, is all you need for a yard well taken care of. Now if yard was not prepared over the winter you will need to wait about 3 weeks before putting any weed and feed or crab grass preventer as this will prevent the grass from growing and making all your hard work go to waste. Also wait about 3 weeks+ before cutting the grass as it needs to mature enough to handle getting cut. Following these steps will give a nice green lush yard for you, your kids, and furry friends to play and roll around in.

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