Overcoming Common Potential Selling Obstacles

Dated: 03/02/2018

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Buyers form an opinion within the first 15 seconds of walking into your home.  We want to form the strongest opinion possible, and at that, an emotional one.  If they can visualize themselves in your home after that first few seconds, the rest of the tour is a fabulous bonus.


Curb Appeal

If the first thing a buyer sees is the neglected overgrown jungle with yesterday’s game of toddler toy toss leading to the front door, it already casts a cloud of judgement on the maintenance of your home.  We want to leave as little to the imagination as possible. Keeping up with the lawn and shrubs can not only keep it off the nix list, it could also help you stand out from competition.

Declutter and Deep Clean

Why is it important?  Removing as much furniture/personal items sitting around your home without detracting from functionality creates the appearance of a larger space.  It also streamlines perception that the home has been well maintained.  Cleaning the carpets keeps eyes on the prize instead of your kiddo’s last mud pie The less opportunity for a buyer to become distracted, the more they’re able to focus on how they’d put their own items in the space….which creates an emotional response.


Let’s face it, buyers buy with their eyes. Not all buyers are able to look past that super fabulous silver plaited wallpaper, or perfect shade of purple paint that accents your family portrait just right, in the foyer.  We have to create the visual for them, so when possible, a touch of paint to what was once our favorite accent wall could be the deciding factor in getting an offer.  Small price to pay for a larger return.

If you're thinking about selling, or need further assistance with setting your home up for success to sell, contact me!

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