Dated: 02/22/2018

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Do keep all your paystubs, bank statements and financial documents in preperation for applying for a loan

Do  plan to write an earnest money deposit and due diligence check from your own checking account, for a clean

        trail of fund transfers, or have the bank write cashiers checks from the account

Do keep your current job and income consistent during your loan application process

Do notify your loan officer if you are going to recieve gifted funds for the purchase, this may affect your loan type         available

Do plan to provide tax returns and bank statements for up to several years to your loan officer

Do notify your loan officer of any recent raises or promotions, or any new payments from support or alimony after 

        loan application

Do  plan on a new credit report to be pulled on you just prior to the closing of your new loan

DON'T take out any new credit lines or close any accounts, or transfer money between accounts

DON'T make any major purchases, take out student loans or lines of credit, They may affect your income to debt         ratio

DON'T change your job or take money from the sale of large personal property sales without consulting your loan         officer

DON"T apply for multiple loans as this may affect your credit score, consult your loan officer for the impact of           "shopping"

Just Some Helpful Do's and Don'ts When Applying for a New Home Loan!!

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